New Strategic Partner

AGREAT is pleased to welcome Broviken as a strategic ownership partner.

Broviken is investing in high-caliber service companies led by strong entrepreneurs and management teams. Broviken is known for its long-term commitment to ownership, investing with a horizon that knows no bounds.Broviken’s primary focus lies in the continuous development of businesses and the realization of their full potential. By partnering with Broviken, AGREAT is reinforcing its commitment to long-term excellence and growth.

“We are very proud to welcome Broviken as a strategic partner. For us, it has been of great importance to bring in an owner who shares our values and vision. Broviken brings valuable experience in developing service companies by providing business expertise, a vast network, and a deep understanding of the importance of corporate culture. With Broviken on board, we are even better equipped to continue our growth journey,” says Bengt Boissier, CEO at Agreat.



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