AGREAT catalyst program – a kickstart to your journey

Our catalyst program is an acceleration program with the aim to give you as a recent graduate or young professional the best possible start to your career. At AGREAT, we believe that the best experience and personal development are gained at a real-life assignment. Therefore, the program is designed to give you a foundation that you can continue to build upon throughout your career as a consultant. A key focus of the program is also to let you get to know AGREAT, our culture, our business model, and your colleagues.

The program is designed to last about 6 weeks, after which the aim is for you to have started your first assignment. During the program, you will participate in both individual activities and collective activities together with other participants of the program, but also with other colleagues at AGREAT.

The five pillars of the program

AGREAT catalyst program is focused on five areas that we believe are necessary in order to be successful as a consultant. In each area, several different aspects and activities are explored in order for you to gain a full understanding. The activities can vary from theoretical studies and courses to practical workshops and social gatherings.

Get to know AGREAT

Right from the get-go, you will start to get to know AGREAT. You will get the chance to feel and explore what it means to be part of AGREAT and to find your place with us. This includes onboarding, getting to know your colleagues, getting a feel for our culture, learning about our strategy and business model, and much more.

Technical competence

Being an AGREAT consultant means having deep technical expertise within your own domain. This can vary between everything from software development to agile leadership. You will develop your individual skills as well as gain knowledge that all AGREAT consultants should have.

Consultant skills

Some describe being a consultant as having two parallel careers: your technical career and your consultant career. In order to feel confident and to perform as a consultant, we believe that certain skills such as communication, leadership, team dynamics, customer management, etc. need to be cultivated.

Catalyst project

Even though the goal of the program is for the participants to start their first assignment at the end of it, we believe it is important to be able to make a contribution from the start. To achieve this, all participants will collaborate to carry out an internal project. You will be given several different projects to choose from.

The first assignment

We will explore your interests, goals, and aspirations together. You will also get the opportunity to connect with senior colleagues who can share their stories about different assignments. The purpose of this is to find a good first assignment for you.

In AGREAT company

As participants in AGREAT catalyst program, you will spend all your time in the program during your first weeks at AGREAT. Throughout the program, however, you will meet many of your colleagues in different roles. Some will share their expertise within different domains, others will participate in training sessions together with you. Many more, if not all, will participate in social activities, team building, and wellbeing activities.

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