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AGREAT was founded by individuals who share the passion for technology and the goal to offer our clients high-quality services. As a consultant at AGREAT you will get the opportunity to work in exciting and challenging assignments, develop your skills further, and have a lot of fun with your colleagues.

We contribute to solutions that increase efficiency but reduces the environmental impact. We create opportunities that increase accessibility and security in society and improve the quality of life of the individual

AGREAT is focusing on three distinct areas: Connectivity, Autonomous Tech and Intelligent Devices. Within these three areas we are offering services within Software & Systems Engineering, Agile Leadership and IT Management.

Agreat life: teamwork

A consultant can work hard and do great work. A dedicated team of specialists does it better. AGREAT will support our clients in their digital journey by offering cross-functional teams.

AGREAT has the ambition to deliver high performing teams with a proven track record that will deliver value through shorter lead times, efficient methodologies & processes, and increased flexibility.

Hard work, better

There is no development without effort, and effort means hard work. We can’t make a difference without you, and that is why your wellbeing is our first priority.

We believe that only if you are up to the challenge we can succeed in our innovative teamwork. So count on us to always support you physically, mentally and individually.

We inspire each other to do great work. Cause working hard together is how we make the difference – for ourselves and for our clients.

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